July 28, 2011

missing you

Hello dear Blog!
I've missed you! I've been trying to practice being present and aware which can be pretty challenging especially when sometimes all you want to do is checkout because you can't possibly play anymore super hero games. We knew that the summer might be a little bit of a struggle for us because Little J is mostly hanging out with us. ( Thankfully we have Splashdown Beach!) Of course what this also means is my having a hard time carving out time and space for me to make art. So, I've decided that I'll have to make it where and when I can. Here's some playground benches.

 I'm kind of intrigued by the little bits of space in between. I used to only to take pictures of vast land/cityscapes. I think it's interesting how lately I can't seem to get close enough. It seems I'm mostly interested in the small intimate space between.

 This is Storm King. If you're ever in the Hudson valley you should check it out. My friend and I took the kids. Make art where you can. Especially if you're among art.

 I think this piece is amazing. Kind of haunting and of other world.

I'm going to try and stay on it. Or at least be committed to re-filling the well of inspiration when I feel like it's running dry. Thanks for looking.

July 17, 2011

July 7, 2011

moving ahead

I've been reading a lot lately about letting your self be the person you are ( I'm not big on self help books so this is kind of a big deal!)and trying to let go of your sense of identity- mom, wife, sister, daughter, artist,worker. I guess the idea is that once you let go of these things, you discover that you are MORE you without the tags. It's been pretty liberating. Did I mention this thing about not taking life personally. That has really been amazing! The big one right now is accepting that the only thing I can change is my perspective. I think that's one of the reasons that photography makes so much sense . That's all it is. Shifting how you see the world. Here's the world from above

 and sometimes you need to be at eye level to appreciate something.

 Or maybe a little below
Breathing is good too. And embracing all the wonder that's out there even in the face of fear. Did you see Pan's Labyrinth?
How wonderfully scared and curious she was. I hope to be more like her everyday.