May 29, 2013

Invasion 2013

 We've been watching them develop under logs and the other day when we went to check on them, we couldn't find them. Then we started seeing them everywhere!
I've been struggling a bit ever since open studios ended. It's so hard for me to make art without a deadline.We're  going to turn our unused garage into a studio for me which is both exciting and terrifying. I was good for a few weeks about throwing out all the garbage we've collected over the years but I seem to have hit a wall. It's a bit overwhelming thinking about the gift that I can give to myself ( a dojo, a scared space meant for the making of art). I tend to fall back on the old" we have no time,money, energy" to make it happen. While all this may be true , it's just not an excuse anymore. I can't make art on the tiny amount of table space I've carved out for myself in the smallest room in the house. It's time. Just like these 17 years cicadas.