August 25, 2012


Although we didn't go where we had originally intended to go, our short family vacation had it's moments. I think we all agreed that our hike up Kaaterskill falls was pretty spectacular. The falls is right off the road and there's a half mile hike to the first bowl. It's really something to see and while the trail is well maintained, it's still a bit of a climb. Once j could see the top of the falls, he insisted we go all the way up. Both J and I were a little skeptical at first but J would go ahead and scout out the best way up and report back to us. There is no trail  to the top of the falls so you're really on your own. A lot of grabbing onto roots and rock edges to help pull you up. 

 This is the view above the bowl. There's a rim along the inside edge. j really wanted to go behind the falls.

 So we did! Now, I have a bit of a fear of heights so this was not easy. Also, a fear of water. One of the greatest things about having a child is that you experience their fearlessness and remember feeling that way when you were small, before, anxiety, or incidents made you feel differently. Originally I was going to wait while they walked out on the ledge but the more I stood there the more I realized that I was missing the best part. J has always been good about making me do things I'm afraid to do. Sometimes by ignoring my fear or sheer insistence that I work through it. Sometimes, he's walked away and let me come to it on my own.

 Here I am behind the falls. Not as scary as I thought. That usually seems to be the case. The anticipation, the worry is always WAY worse then the thing.

 We hiked all the way up. I don't have good pics of this because you have to lie on your stomach and lean over.
 We were really high up! Taller than the trees, which j was excited about.
 Our motel room, which j was equally excited about( "they have a SHOWER in the bathroom!")
 And plastic covered everything!

August 21, 2012

scenes of summer

 I've decided that little j (who is really not so little anymore!) is something of a bug whisperer.

August 8, 2012

Sunday in August

We were trying to get to the Museum on the campus of SUNY New Paltz. there was all kinds of construction in the way because the school is closed for summer. It made for a good adventure.