June 26, 2011

more sad news

 We noticed over the last few weeks that our cat seemed to be slowing down a bit. We took her to the vet and left her there over night for some tests. The next morning, at 7 the doctor called to say she wasn't doing well and I should come get her. She was barely moving. I brought her home and sat next to her checking to make sure she was still breathing. After 2 hours, she coughed a few times. Her breathing slowed and very gently she moved on. She's been with me for 16 years. She saw me through painful breakups, marriage, September 11, pregnancy, parenthood.  I read recently that life will give you whatever experience is most helpful in order for you to grow. It seems that both our pets knew when their work was done. 
I miss her so. Rest in peace good friend

June 8, 2011

dance of spring

These little guys are letting me know spring is here( even though it's supposed to be 97 degrees today!)

I haven't meant to be gone this long. Here are some fast and sloppy photos just to let you know I'm still making stuff even though it feels really inconsistent these days