June 26, 2011

more sad news

 We noticed over the last few weeks that our cat seemed to be slowing down a bit. We took her to the vet and left her there over night for some tests. The next morning, at 7 the doctor called to say she wasn't doing well and I should come get her. She was barely moving. I brought her home and sat next to her checking to make sure she was still breathing. After 2 hours, she coughed a few times. Her breathing slowed and very gently she moved on. She's been with me for 16 years. She saw me through painful breakups, marriage, September 11, pregnancy, parenthood.  I read recently that life will give you whatever experience is most helpful in order for you to grow. It seems that both our pets knew when their work was done. 
I miss her so. Rest in peace good friend

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  1. Margot, I am so sorry about Juanita. Sending you all lots of love. Cade