February 22, 2010

new bag!

I found my stuff was getting lost among little j's goldfish crackers and juice boxes.I use it for my wallet, my camera and a wristlet catch-all(lip balm, pens, barrettes). So this is just for me. Or you.


  1. so totally cute. i spied it on monday then forgot to look at it closer!

  2. This is such a beautiful bag! Do you have more of the material? Can you make a bigger version? Do you have several of this size already made? I may HAVE to get one.

  3. I do have more! I could do a bigger version. I don't have other sizes pre-made but would be happy to custom build one for you. How big were you thinking?

  4. Gogo, do you STILL have that beautiful wood-grain fabric left? I would love one of these too! Right around the same size... let me know if it would be possible...

    Also, if you get your digital printing issues worked out, what would you think of trading one of your prints for one of my black & white film images?

    Let me know--email me!