March 25, 2010

I know it's been a few days and I'm supposed to be posting every day.....I've been sewing and have two new bags to show you but haven't taken pictures of it yet. I'm taking the morning off because I have to work today, or rather tonight. While I love making stuff, and selling it, I haven't been able to leave my day (or night) job. I do lighting for film and television. My title is electrician ( gaffer, best boy, it all adds up to the same). I describe it as being a glorified construction worker. I lift heavy dirty objects. I plug in lights. I set up temporary electrical distribution systems. I used to be really bothered by the work because it was all I did. Now, after having embraced the artist that I've always been, I like it . I especially like most of the people I work with. (You know who you are, boys. No need to name drop!) It's not who I am it's what I do to pay the bills. And feeling good about paying the pills frees up any anxiety or guilt I might have about making stuff for me. I don't really like that I have to be to work at 4pm and work all night in the pouring rain but, once I'm in it, I'll probably acquire some kind of , "whatever doesn't kill me , makes me stronger " attitude.

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