April 3, 2010


A sunny day, a back yard and more bags!
This one is a tomato linen with leather patches. The lining is an oatmeal duck cloth.
I found these metal rods for the handles while rifling through someone's storeroom ( thanks Shannon!) and I knew I'd use them for something.

Kind of a carpet bagger! It's upholstery fabric but I's too fabulous for just sitting on it. Although, I would love a couch made out of it. ( Thanks Cappy!)

I think you may be seeing al lot of these. I really love the cut out handle.


  1. you rock. love the new bags. i can't even get it together enough to write a new post. you continue to be an inspiration, lady!

  2. so cute! I love them all!

    great pics, too!

  3. Need more hair accessories! Love the bags soooooo much. Love the hair accessories.