May 25, 2010

something to think about

I've been thinking a lot about words. I'm not a writer. I have a hard time saying what I mean with words. It takes me a long time to work it out. Here's the thing though, just saying something, or writing something isn't enough. I think I've hid behind words for a long time now. My sister once said this thing that really struck me. It was about reading which we both love to do. She was commenting on someone we both love saying how they only live their life through the books they read. It never occurred to me that reading could be a way of hiding or avoiding life. I do a lot of reading when I can. I do a lot of hiding, too. I think it's time to stop. I'm wondering, if I put the words out there,maybe I can't hide anymore. Will writing it down make me stop hiding or if by writing it down, am I still hiding and not DOING? And how, after living a life with so much fear, do you stop?
I think you just do. Stop.


  1. so wise. I love it. I think you DO all the time. You are fearless in so many ways..... you rock my world.
    Loved seeing you and giving you a hug the other day1

  2. Hey Margot,

    Interesting thought. It's funny bc I've been thinking I need to read more (fiction) to enrich my life. I know what you mean about hiding, I have swings from "social butterfly" to "captive" in own home. Think have to be careful with technology, too. I can become addicted to my blog posts, rearranging my website, looking for online ways to promote work, etc. Realize that need to do actual legwork as much as the virtual. So, that all said, we have to get together sometime ;) Hope to see you some this summer!!

  3. I'm not a writer either. But I've found that writing/blogging prompts me to see my everyday life in a whole new way. It also is serious therapy in terms of working stuff out. And the best part is I can be super honest or rant or be gross or be funny and I don't have to worry that I'm being a bore cause I rarely get that feedback. People can just click away if I'm being annoying so most of the comments left are full of love and support.

    Blogland is a safe place