August 31, 2010

more animal totems

Forgive my recent posts but I've been aware of animals in my life lately. Both yesterday and today bees have been unusually attracted to me and it's not because of bright colors I'm wearing or sweet scents( believe, my sweaty stink these days is to be avoided!). So I found this to make some sense of the new transformations taking place inside of me. If nothing else it's fun to think about. But honestly I do think there's something to all of this


The Bee is a symbol of being happy in ones work. The arrival of the bee in your life is a signal to evaluate how organized, industrious and productive you are in your life. Fundamentally the message is that through your work you will grow wisdom; your connection to the community will flourish, and your surroundings will be a fertile abundance. Sometimes we can take on unhealthy obsessive or defensive natures in our work, becoming too serious, addictive or demanding of ourselves or others. The bee reminds us that to our enjoy work is to experience a joyful life.

Here are some birthday flowers my bee friends might like.

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