April 24, 2011


I guess that's what spring is meant for. Today is Easter. I'm not religious but I like the idea of celebrating new growth. Little J found a branch that had fallen off our lilac bush. He stuck it in the ground, propped it up with rocks and showed us his work proudly. We had to explain that it probably wouldn't grow. Maybe?, he said. Maybe. And today, we were out in the garden doing some much needed weeding and we discovered that the branch had sprouted! It's not such a big deal except that our  family has recently been a little knocked about and the idea that new growth can come whenever and where ever has reinvigorated me. So has the strength and courage of someone I adore. And these little ducks!
Happy day to you all!
I hope you're able to find new potential and opportunity in every situation.
Even a broken branch.

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