May 23, 2011

been too long!

I've found myself on jobs that take place up high in office buildings. I love seeing New York from different angles. There's always something new to discover. Like this painted road. And the Mary Poppins banner.

 Then of course, there's the other New York. The one found in prospect park. With Llamas! I've always loved these guys because one showered me with kisses when I was very small. We had a really nice day with Aunt Y.

 On the drive back upstate, big J noticed this sign.
 On the way to work I noticed this shrine. A man walking by told me the story. The man in the photo had killed himself a few weeks earlier. He loved dogs and had recently saved the one featured in the shrine from an oncoming truck. The next day he jumped off a building but not before he made sure that the dog had a new home. Rest in peace, sir. I'm sorry you're life was too painful.

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