April 18, 2012

not my usual post but

This 16 year old girl is kind of my hero. I've been following her blog, style rookie, for awhile and continue to be be blown away by her introspection, her willingness and confidence to be herself and speak her mind and her views on society. ( Not to mention that she's a total bad ass!) I wish I knew her when I was growing up because maybe then all these demons wouldn't be fighting so hard to keep me from being me. Thankfully, I have her now to look up to.

Perhaps this is particularly relevant to me because I'm showing again at Beacon Open Studios. I've given myself a lot of time to make work and still, I'm having a hard time. So much of what I've been thinking about is the idea of being seen and how much I don't want to be. Kind of hard when you're putting your history up on the wall?  Tavi seems to make it a point to be seen. In her clothes, her attitude.  And not just  because she likes fashion but because everyday she expresses herself outwardly so that nothing seems to be hidden. Even in her awkwardness she's accepting of who she is. Is this the new face of girls? I really hope so!

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  1. Thanks for posting this Margot. She's great! never looked at Style Rookie, but heard of it and had no idea she was only a sophomore in HS! Sound advice, will pass on to friends with daughters :)