July 26, 2012

lazy days

Summer has always been a hard time for me to get creative. But, I'm realizing that the more I make, the more I can't live without making. It seems if I go too long without creating something I get very cranky. (Have I said that before? I think I have. I think I need to say it A LOT until it really sticks!) July has been a little rough for me because little j has been around  and big J has had to work so I've been doing a lot of the child care/ entertaining, which leaves little time for me to have some creative space. The other thing though, is that I need to get use to the idea that I can ask for time and then take that time when it's given. That takes some getting use to for me. 
These are from summer activities with j. 

An impromptu Andy Goldworthy

 Our favorite hangout this summer

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