November 3, 2012

  Sandy hit the east coast hard. We were spared although it was a very scary night for me. A massive branch fell in our backyard. We were so lucky because it didn't hit anything.We spent a few days in the dark and then got our power back on the night of halloween. I feel pretty fortunate and pretty freaked out by the whole storm. I know that the whole world doesn't revolve around NYC but it's my first home and to not be there for the first time during a huge disaster has me feeling very displaced. 

I'm crushed by the tragedy there. The loss of lives, homes, art.
Trying to get back to normal now. 
I cut all my hair off.
I was needing to feel like it's time to stop hiding.

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  1. The picture of little J with the candles and Deedee on the couch really make me feel like the power is out. I want to see your haircut!