December 12, 2013

oh so long….

I took a big leap this summer. We turned our garage into a studio for me. It's beautiful and I love it. Now, I'm stuck. It won't last long, it's just the shock of being so kind and generous myself with such a lovely gift. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by it. J says I should do a project of all the ways in which I prevent myself from making art. I like that. Oh, and our car died so that's a fabulous distraction and a good way to tell myself " see you should not have spent all that money on a studio because now you need to buy a car!" We'll figure out the car and one day very soon, I will make art in there. It's a little painful to go in there now, so sometimes I just sit and try to be calm and feel the sacredness of it.
 In the meantime, here's some older pics from the fall and a few new ones at the bottom of what I found today.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Definitely not goat, possibly raccoon? Thanks for looking!