July 20, 2010

He's gone

We are so sad. We keep listening for the sound of his claws on the wood floor. He died right before a big thunderstorm yesterday. He was very afraid of thunder. We thought that maybe the heavens had waited for him to die so as not to scare him and then they shed giant rain tears for the loss of him. Little J took it well at first and then, when night time came he got very upset. We brought in his stuffed animals, doggie and kitty, because he wanted them to know why he was so upset. He thanked me after I told them. Then he realized that if the dog could die , then I could die too. He cried very hard because he said he would miss me so much if I were to die. And then , of course, I cried too. We fell asleep together. Our family is turned upside down. We keep looking for a way out of the sadness but there is no way. Ice cream helps. We've buried him in the back yard so we can visit him if we need too.
Goodbye, sweet boy. you have forever touched our lives.

1 comment:

  1. We are so very sad for all of you and we will miss Elvis terribly. We'll always remember him as the most amazing dog we ever had the pleasure of knowing.
    xo - p+l