July 14, 2010

our friend

Forgive the long absence. Our dog has recently been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis. It's been a bit crazy around here. He can barely walk. He can't go up and down stairs. He only eats from my hand. He's in a lot of pain and Big j and I are trying to be ok with letting him go. It's very hard. I'm trying to tell myself that's it's ok for him to go. That his work here is done. My kooky neighbor sent pictures of him to her dog whisperer healer. The lady said , from the picture, "He is a tired guy. Doesn't want to give in. Family. One person in particular may need to let go a bit more. " Part of me wants to laugh it off because , yeah, he's tired! But she is also right, it's hard to let go. I guess we're waiting for him to let us know that he's ready. In the meantime, someone is always with him. Big J sleeps next to him on the floor, on the couch, carrying him up and down stairs. He's horribly sad.

It's ok to go, my friend. We know you're tired

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  1. We are crushed about Elvis.
    Please keep us updated.