September 28, 2010

some photos from this weekend's Open Space

Not the greatest pics but you get the idea. It was really fun. Lots of traffic. Justin sold a beautiful side table. I would definitely do it again next year.

The dark spot is, however, that J and his band have now lost the space. It's a big room that his band, I'm better now, uses. We showed our art in the front unused room that J had spent many hours cleaning. Apparently the management was unhappy that we tore up some broken floor tile that may have contained asbestos. It was a misunderstanding but they were also looking to get rid of the band because they could probably get more money for the space. I'm pretty sad about it as is Josh. But, those demons will still not win and we'll just find a better space
without asbestos. Thank you J for all your hard work and support. I would not have done any of this without you and your strength.

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