September 26, 2011


 The weather was great, a nice flow of people  all weekend and a chance to sit and talk with some new people about art. And truck city was a huge success! I'm already looking forward to next year. Today is grey and it seems the weather reflects the let down after all the build up. It's still so new for me to except that this is who I am. A person that lives a creative life. I'm now in that place where there's no turning back. Not that I would want to just the unease of remembering a long period of my life where I felt so stuck. Kind of painful to revisit but I think those memories are the things that keep me moving forward.
I was talking to someone over the weekend about how the creative movement really started for me after my son was born. I started painting with the idea that I was making stuff to hang in his room.  Kind of taking the back door into art because to walk boldly into it was just too scary! I'm finding myself  loving the back doors.

I really fell in love with the whole truck thing.  

Kids in the truck!

The lounge area. I wanted people to feel relaxed, comfortable.
cookies and lemonade

 some new pieces I made

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