November 12, 2011

I was not supposed to be gone for this long!
Here's a brief summary of the last few months....
wet august, 
busy September( lots of art making)
invasion of stink bugs( see photos below)
ridiculously busy October( and not in the good way- one too many music videos and general unpleasant work that would have destroyed me had I not been surrounded by mostly good people)
no power for 4 and a half days due to the freakishly early snow storm
horrible stomach flu that me and J got Halloween night( not fun puking in a freezing house with no electricity, no water and no heat)
Wisconsin for work( my once a year opportunity to sleep in a hotel room. HEAVEN!)

Now, all the good stuff that came out of this?
I've realized that I really can't go this long without being creative. It makes me really unhappy if I do
I think that once you start down the path of self-awareness, you can't ever pretend you don't know about it. I've started to picture my life like a video game made up of levels that you need to continually solve and move on from. Each level arms you with more tools to help you face the next challenge  and just when you think you might be done fighting the demons, along comes a smarter, trickier one to try and psych you out. 
Life, for me, really is a work in progress.
I'm going to try not to go so long again without posting. It feels so much better when I can check in here. 
Hope everyone is good!

And I'm now taking suggestions short haircut  ideas- feeling lime I need to shake up the outside a bit!

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