December 9, 2011

craft fair!

I struggle a bit with making stuff( contributing to consumerism or just making more stuff in a world that already has too much stuff) but the truth of it is I REALLY LIKE making stuff. I don't do a lot of craft fairs because it's not really worth it for me. I don't charge a lot because I want people to own my stuff. I know times are tight. I end up making enough to support my habit which is really okay with me. Anyway, I'm participating in a local craft fair this weekend at the Howland in Beacon. If you're in town tomorrow,swing by! 
Here's  a sample of some stuff I'll be selling that uses that felt I was working with in the last post..

 And, oh, in case you didn't notice, I got my hair cut! I'll go for super short in the spring but I figured I'd play a bit now while I still had some length. Kendra cut it, ( Radhair by kendra. She's on facebook) and then blew it straight. For me straight hair is playing dress up. I can't help flipping it about because curly hair doesn't really flip. Little J said it was so soft that he wanted to sleep on it like a pillow. I'm not showering for a few days just to play more so you might not wanna get to close to me...


  1. (Read as a flamboyant gay man)

    No really you look great!

  2. I wanna get too close to you