January 1, 2012

happy new year!

This is our xmas kitty. Everyday there was more and more pine needles on the floor and fallen ornaments. She's very feisty. She's biting my hand right now so I'm typing with the other. It's taking a long time to type.

 The Transit Museum at Grand Central Station. The first of our city adventures over xmas break.

I'm preparing for the next open studio in Beacon. They're doing it in April now so I don't have much time. I've been thinking a lot about style. I keep thinking I should work within my "style" but what if I want to do something completely different? Shea Hembrey seemed to come up with a good solution for this. J would say that it doesn't matter what or how you make it. What unifies it is that I made it. I like that thinking. I'm looking forward to school starting again for j. It's been really fun but I kind of need to get back to making stuff. I tired to keep it going during the winter break. A duct tape wallet gift, some cashmere fingerless mittens for me from an old sweater. A drawing of a hippo. I need to devote some real time now. maybe that's a resolution? Yes,that and to see more of the people who really matter to us.
I'm liking me a lot more these days. It's nice.
I'm going to keep that going as well.

Oh, and thank you Cappy for reminding me to this!

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  1. Happy 2012!! Maybe I can come up for your open studio this spring. Love your cute new kitty cat!