September 12, 2012

new birth

 This was a hard summer. I let myself get away from making art and really suffered for it. I made the mistake of thinking that I didn't have the time to carve out some space for myself. While there was a lot going on, it's never an excuse for not taking care of myself. Making art is not a luxury. It's who I am. If I don't make art , I may as well deny myself food and shelter because it felt that desperate to me at times( although I didn't know why when it was happening). It's really hard to say to my family that this is what I need( especially for me because I'm really good at putting myself last) but if I don't they are miserable too. I want my son to know how important it is to take care of yourself and I'm a big fan of teaching through example. August was really hard in part because of all this but also because I connected some dots that had been lose, floating around before. Dots, that first appeared many years ago, in August. So, when J said he found a puppy, I thought that was an opportunity for me to say yes to something spontaneous, wonderful and new. I did say yes but kinda freaked myself out in the process. Trying on new ways of being is always scary but, it's also an opportunity for growth. Here's to the next chapter!


  1. What a precious puppy! nice connection btwn young pup just starting out & your creative re-boot :0) Yes to a new pup, esp one that your son found, sounds Great!!

  2. Margot,
    That is one adorable puppy! Is it a lab? What is its name? I find that having animals is one way that I stay grounded in my quixotic world. No matter if I have a teaching job or not, I have lives to take care of and this fills some of the voids - not all but some. Enjoy your puppy.