March 10, 2011

funny world

Back at work on top of 30 Rock in NYC. Really cold but a pretty spectacular view. It was a hard week in the the city. When I work for long periods in the city I stay with my parents. I used to stay with friends but most of us started to have kids and room is at a premium in NY. I sleep in the living room at my parents house. I refuse so sleep in my old room because it's too creepy and my parents are old and kind of hoarders. It's pretty uncomfortable there for me. So I end up trying to stay out of the house as long as possible. I end up feeling like a tourist, wondering the streets with no real place to call home.  I usually start to feel sad and really miss my family. I'm home now and while it feels great  to be back in my world,there's always this period of readjustment. J keeps telling me to change the story in my head. Stop telling myself it's hard and tell myself, " it's an opportunity". So while browsing my usual blogs this morning, I came across this. Funny how the world gives you what you need.
 Thanks, to whip up via craftsanity.

The sun rising over NYC


  1. margot i love this post and the video you found. it made my day and knitted little mittens round my heart. andrea (we met at jumpin jakes)

  2. mittens around your heart! that just made MY day!

  3. Ahhh what a fine little movie there - Thanks Margot .
    Also, PLEASE sleep at our place we haven't seen you in sooo long and the boys almost always sleep all night these days, so you'll actually get some rest.