March 7, 2011

I was scheduled to do a job that was 7 days in the city. Luckily, they cancelled today so I was able to come home last night for a day only to go back into the city tonight for one more day. I really needed this break. really needed to reaffirm that my job is not who I am. That I'm not some lonely figure wandering the streets with a torn achilles tendon. I think I'm on the mend but walking on concrete for 5 days really didn't help.
I'm trying to just let myself do the work and remember that I'm lucky to have a job that allows me to have so much free time so that I CAN make art and raise my child and cook dinners, etc. I just spoke with a good friend and it seems like many of the people I'm close with these days are in a period of transition. Or is that just life? Always changing? Like the weather? I'm anxious to get back to my work and see what I come up with. Also, really trying to lighten up a bit. Maybe with the change in weather, a change in spirit!

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