March 12, 2011

sad day

Last week I was invited to be a part of a small page on facebook called Friends Of Leslie.  Leslie Stone was a woman I knew in college who I knew briefly because she dated a friend of mine. We weren't very close but we did spend some time together because she and Larry and me and my boyfriend would go up to Albany together for long weekends. I had fallen out of touch with her but thought about her from time to time. This facebook group was formed because Leslie was dying of cancer and she had decided not to continue with chemotherapy. It wasn't working and her body was failing. This page was set up so we could all stay in touch and come together, collectively taking solace in other people's stories, grief, love and respect of Leslie. People posted every day. I have been at a loss. I was never close to Leslie but I did know her and was very moved by all the beautiful loving things people had to say. And of course, it turned out, that before she moved to Omaha to die, she had been in the Hudson valley working as a graphic designer pretty close to where I now live.  I've been sad all week. Most of us weren't able to be close to her physically but  we were able to feel connected by the comments and stories that were posted.  I'm blown away by the love, the way she inspired others and the help that people have given. I've cried  many times every day in the last week. Leslie died this morning at 7:54. Rest in Peace old friend. You were most definitely loved.


  1. Hi Margot. I found your post about Leslie while searching the web for her obituary. I recently heard of the news of her passing through other high school friends on Facebook. We went to elementary and HS together in Upstate NY. I lost touch with her and I am deeply saddened by her death. She sat behind me in Art class for many years hence I have many found memories of her. Ironically my husband and I bought the house that Leslie spent her childhood years. If you have any info. regarding her burial could you please pass it along. Thank you. I would also be interested in Friends Of Leslie... can I join?

  2. Hi thanks for your comment.
    Funny how life works?That's pretty cool that you live in her old house.
    I don't know about burial but I do know that a memorial is being planned this May in Red Hook and at SUNY Purchase this summer. To join the facebook page, I think you need to make a request through Celine Marko Alper who is the page admin.
    I think you'll take comfort in all the love and support she was surrounded with in her last days.