November 28, 2010

i did it.

I managed to pull it off! It's pretty crazy what a deadline can do for you. These are the pieces I made. Right before dropping them off I realized I didn't have any photos of them so I made little J stand out in the cold holding them so I could snap a few. That explains the over exposure. He was cold. I had to hurry. And I removed most of the dog/ cat hair before dropping them off.

A friend once told me that elephants don't know they're own strength and that they will accept what you train them to do. Elephants in the circus will stay chained to a flimsy pole believing that they are trapped . They haven't realized that it would only take a little tug to set themselves free.

Not sure what these are about yet but I like the direction.

In other news, Thanksgiving was successful! A perfect turkey, and 4 pies for 8 people. That works , right?
Happy Holidays!

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