November 18, 2010

what I've been doing

These used to belong to me and my sister. They have all the original teeth marks from when we used to have to bite the short pieces of dowels. My mom, who verges on being a hoarder( or maybe she already is one?) saved them. While most of the time her hoarding depresses me, every now and then she comes up with something really great. Like Tinker toys! We built the ship a few days ago and today we built the rocket ship and gantry.

It even has an elevator for the astronauts to use!
And also, as you may know, I've had a hard time getting back on track with making stuff. So I'm trying. Here's a flower pin made of felted sweater, tutorial here
and while these photos are HORRIBLE I had to show off the faux fur vest I made from left over artic wolf costume material. It's really hard to take a good photo when your son NEEDS you to make a new tinker toy and all you're trying to do is take one decent self portrait! Or post to your blog. Sorry, whining and crying has ensued because it is past my alloted 2 minutes I get to do my work. Poor little guy.

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