November 19, 2010

not what I made

Maybe you 've realized that I'm trying to post more often. It's challenging because as much as I want to make something everyday ( dinner does NOT count) I'm not always able to. Here's some inspiration.
I was looking at annekata and found a post on quilts. which lead me to this at pojagi studiopojagi
This led me to the work of Tom Fruin, a friend we haven't seen in a long time. Here's a piece he recently built on site in Copenhagen for the Royal Danish Library.

These are his drug bag quilts. We used to live in a not-so great neighborhood and we'd walk our dog in the ghetto park where Big J would sometimes collect used drug bags for him . Tom sewed them together for these beautiful, stained glass looking quilts often with leftover bits of crack, heroin or pot.

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  1. The drug bag quilt is far out. I'm passing the word on that one. Thanks

  2. have we talked about this before? i remember really loving these, and I may be remembering it wrong, but I think they were at Gale Gates when I was there for a conference in 2000, before we moved that possible? I think of them so often, especially when I spy the all drug bags on west church st...