November 21, 2010


We've built something with the tinker toys everyday! It came with a little book of some of the things you can make. It takes little j a long time to decide so we spend a lot of time arguing the pros and cons of a weather vane or a ferris wheel. This is a telescope but I talked him into it being a stationary machine gun that swivels. Sold!

I forgot about the winter light! I make my coffee first thing and am always delighted by the light.

I've mentioned Jan Groover before. She's told the story of how she didn't know how to take pictures without content. She was really interested in the formal composition and was trying to rid herself of meaning. Impossible right?. Her husband suggested taking pictures of the kitchen sink. Here's my kitchen sink photo. Not that I'm trying to rid myself of meaning. Just trying to get it going.

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